New and Adjusted Phase 1

March 28, 2022


We have decided to combine our initial Phase 1 and 2 into a New Phase 1.  After consulting our advisers and professionals (Architect and Quantity Surveyor), we agreed that it would be more cost-effective and wise from a time-frame perspective. Phase 1 will now include the multifunctional "JAM Hub" building on the first lot, as well as a staff house (a 4-bedroom house that the Duvenhage family will live in) that will be built on the second lot. This second lot will be used for JAM staff families in future.

We have also recently included a storeroom/carpark facility that will also house the solar system. Thanks to a generous donor, we will no longer have to struggle with electricity issues (which is a common problem in South Africa).

Our future Phase 2 will be a Guesthouse (5 bedrooms) on the first lot as well as additional staff accommodation on the second lot. The Guesthouse will be used to generate income for ongoing ministry through eco-tourism and to host more leaders, donors and other guests as well. The Phase 2 goal will be R8 000 000 ($437 500)

The image attached to this article indicates the location of the two lots.

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