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Jam year program

JAM year program

The JAM year is a 11-month program for vibrant young people with a passion for Jesus and a heart to serve. The JAM Year focuses on discipling and training young adults to be leaders of influence through being part of a team-community and participating in local ministry, camps, service and outreach.  
The JAM Year provides a unique experience for growth as they do live in a multicultural team, learning about themselves and the life of Jesus whilst ministering to young people all over South Africa.
The program is designed with these 5 pillars in mind:
1. Bible Knowledge
2. Leadership
3. Missions
4. Personal Development
5. Skills Training.

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Testimonials from students

"The JAM year program was the ideal place for me to find my identity in Christ while serving others. Not only have I grown in my relationship with God but I also got to develop skills and use them to serve others. I truly experienced the mission of JAM in this year- I felt developed and supported right through the year."
"The JAM year has been challenging in a good way. God has been challenging me to deny myself daily and follow Him. He has been teaching me what it means to be a true follower of Christ and to truly love people as I love myself. I am growing in my faith and this has been the best year so far."
Meet the Team

Meet this year's team

Founder/Executive Director:                Gerhard Duvenhage
Team leader/Camps Director:               Karlisle Julius
JAM Terrain Manager:                            Emilio Arendse
Social Media and Communications:  Rico Roos
1st Year Students:                                    Kurt Booysen
                                                                     Markus Duvenhage

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